Jim Hall, 9.5.04

I've been working on a trilogy of made -for-USA kid-flicks called "Treasure Island Kids". I've been co-scoring the movies with Bruce Lynch but we hardly ever meet. We do alternate cues using a large sampled orchestra using "gigastudio" running on a PC as a sound source. We have a consistent set up between ourselves of 64 midi channels, roughly 16 for strings, 16 for winds, same for brass and perc. I suppose their is about 20 to 30 gigs of samples running. I send my cues to Bruce (who is assembling the score mixes ) as mp3s and when we have done a reel and it is signed off I print all my parts, record any live performances (budget restricts many of those) and bounce out final mixes as LCR aiffs. We use the same LCR reverb patch so our cues sound like the same band and Bob's your uncle. Most of our delivery of work is via AIFF and internet and pictures are often delivered to us by the same way, although it is still beset with problems, technical ignorance being the most common. Macs still totally rule and, despite pitiful midi, Protools is completely the industry standard. Logic rules as a seuencer but it's audio is still very dodgy and the Apple ownerdhip has not improved the relationship with digidesign. With my movie work I run PT and Logic simultaneously. It is not an ideal situation but it works.

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